Lee Elementary to keep name for now

School Board Member Gloria Carrillo speaks to change the name of Lee Elementary. ©Bob Fitch

At the regular school board meeting Thursday night, the Grand Prairie ISD school board moved to not change Lee Elementary’s name.

NAACP President Angela Luckey points to the American flage as she speaks to the Grand Prairie ISD School Board to change the name of Lee Elementary. ©Bob Fitch

School Superintendent Dr. Susan Hull said that since the name change issue was put on the agenda for information only, therefore it was not an agenda item the school board could vote on. She said the issue could be brought back at a future date as an agenda item, then the school board would vote.

School board president Steve Pryor said the district has received more than 400 responses supporting, opposing and offering alternate names for the school.

During the meeting School Board members Gloria Carrillo and David Espinosa spoke in opposition to the name Lee, while board member Terry Brooks spoke in support of keeping the name.

After the meeting Grand Prairie NAACP President Angela Luckey expressed her disappointment on the school board’s decision to retain the school’s name. She was glad to hear the issue is not dead, but could be opened again. She said, “the fight has just begun” to move the issue back to the school board so the name can be changed.

Luckey praised the courage of board members Carrillo and Espinosa for speaking out supporting a name change for Lee Elementary.