School Board appoints independent council to investigate purchase and renovation of property

At Thursday’s Grand Prairie ISD School Board meeting, School Board President Steve Pryor announced the appointment of an independent attorney to investigate the district’s purchase and renovation of property located at 4750 South Carrier Parkway.

Pryor said the attorney, who is located outside of the county, will act as an impartial investigator to gather facts, documents and interview people to determine if there was any violation of school board polices, procedures, competitive bidding process or applicable laws. The attorney will report those findings to the school board.

The property in question was purchased more than a year ago to build a road to relieve traffic at the Garner Fine Arts Academy. Along with the land came a four bedroom, 2,700 square foot home on five acres of land.

Since the purchase, the school district has spent over a $100,000 on renovations to the home that is currently leased by School Superintendent Dr. Susan Hull.

The District plans to demolish the home and construct of an educational facility in its place in the future.

Newly elected School Board President Steve Pryor said, “The board takes the stewardship of the GPISD tax dollars very seriously. We understand that there has been community concern, which is why we’re taking this step so that we’ll have a better understanding of the whole situation and we hope to have a report back to the board as quickly as possible.”

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